Arthur was born

It was in 1983 that the Arthur adventure began! The two founders, freshly graduated from ESSEC, had the brilliant idea of revolutionising the world of underwear in France. How ? By imposing
boxer shorts on a market where briefs reigned supreme. An immediate success ! Arthur doubled or even tripled his sales every year.
This growth continued at a crescendo until the end of the 1980s, like a tidal wave !

The 1980s
From boxer shots to Homewear

Encouraged by their success, the two designers decided to revive the world of pyjamas by bringing their know-how
and their touch of fantasy ! Arthur became an must-have brand on the
market of underwear and homewear for the whole family.
Year after year, we launched different ranges: innerwear for men and children
(in 1986), socks (in 1987), the women's line (in 1990), all of which Arthur climbed
little by little, until reaching the crucial stage...

The opening of the first Arthur Family concept store

And yes, in 1992, we opened our first boutique, in Paris, Avenue Victor Hugo. A symbolic opening
for a French brand, whose values have managed to impose themselves and become those of an entire
community, almost like a common vision of fashion.
It is this innovative look at the market that has allowed the brand to establish itself brilliantly !

Arthur goes digital

Very early on, we understood that the internet was a major stepping stone for the development of the brand, and we launched our website in 1998, one of the first ! A way of inscribing the brand in its
era, through the beginnings of a new era that will make it even more current : the digital era. Once again
Arthur truly stands out as an almost visionary brand, whose vision is founding
in the world of underwear and homewear.

The 2010s
The revival of an iconic brand

In the 2010s, Arthur takes a new turn, and operates an evolution in its
brand spirit. A rather innovative architectural concept is developed in 2015 on the boutiques, while
four new shops appear in Bourg-en-Bresse, Aix-les-Bains, Montpellier and Bayonne.
In 2018, it is Monaco's turn to welcome us, giving a new breath of fresh air to this
pioneer, yet so modern brand. And it's not about to stop !