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Do you prefer short or long pyjamas? Classic cut (trousers and a collared shirt) or cool cut (shorts and a t-shirt)? Whatever your style, Arthur offers high quality pyjamas with incredible comfort. Because premium sleep is essential in everyday life, everything has been thought of to put you in condition: the material, the cut, etc.

There is something for all tastes

Is the choice of men's pyjamas a personal matter for you? You are bound to find the model that meets your requirements among our creations.

Are you a fan of the classic long pyjamas for your winter evenings? Do jogging-inspired models suit you better for your cocooning days? Do you need more freedom at night and prefer short pyjamas?

Arthur has thought of everything and offers all these models. On top of that, they come in classic, modern, humorous and quirky colours and patterns. There is literally something for everyone. 

Comfort and quality

The choice of Arthur men's pyjamas is often guided by the original colours and patterns. However, comfort and quality are essentially at the heart of our concerns. The choice of materials is an integral part of our design process. The 100% organic cotton jersey pyjamas, the polyester or the pilou pyjamas are comfortable, pleasant and durable materials.

The fibres are reinforced with simple and effective sewing techniques to ensure a perfect fit. The elasticated waistband keeps the pyjamas in place without restricting your movements.

In any case, your men's pyjamas will accompany you for years to come, without fading or discolouring with each wash. 

Long or short pyjamas?

Classic button-down pyjamas are a hit with everyone and are naturally among our best designs. This timeless piece is more fashionable than ever thanks to a touch of pep from our stylists through more modern and cooler colours and patterns. The cut of these men's pyjamas has been adjusted to fit better than its former model, which was often too wide

And in addition to the classic set (trousers and shirt), the long pyjamas are also available in a mismatched version between the top and bottom. Of course, the colours and patterns remain harmonious, although different.

The long men's pyjamas also come in a jogging-inspired version. The principle is the same in terms of comfort, but the jogging-like details make you forget about the " nightwear " aspect:

  • Ribbed ankles, cuffs and waist
  • More " formal " colours
  • Microfleece material
  • Etc.

Indoor clothes are a great alternative to hanging out in your pyjamas all day without looking sloppy.

Short pyjamas are perfect for summer. Do you want to be comfortable, but you have guests or are staying with relatives? The short pyjamas avoid the heat of the long models without having to walk around in your underwear.