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Men's collection

Gentlemen, welcome to Arthur, the brand that accompanies you all year round. Since 1983, Arthur has been a must for men's underwear, innerwear, socks, mules, slippers, etc. You will also find in our collections shorts, t-shirts, jogging suits, etc. Take advantage of the know-how of a French brand with almost 40 years of experience.

Arthur for your men's underwear

What are your preferences in terms of men's underwear? If you are part of the majority of men who prefer boxer shorts, find the rare pearl between the club models and the slippered models. Whether plain or patterned, your Arthur boxer shorts guarantee unparalleled comfort with high-quality materials.

The good old men's underwear is still your favourite? You're right, because the comfort is optimal. And with Arthur, briefs are more comfortable than ever. As an added bonus, they come with quirky patterns that combine humor and originality. You will be spoilt for choice between the French touch (with the mythical French cock), hipster prints, the Santa Claus model, plain colours, etc. Discover our models of low waist briefs if you don't want to let the belt of your underwear show.

And for the boxer briefs fans, Arthur presents two cuts of this men's underwear: the French and the American. The French underwear has no cut between the buttocks. The American version, on the other hand, has a V-shaped insert to avoid the central seam. Both are more comfortable than the very basic version with its central seam in the back that goes into your buttocks.

...and for your home clothes

Arthur also specializes in loungewear, including men's pajamas. Choose between short and long models, classics (shirt and pants) and mismatches (t-shirt and shorts)

Of course, nightwear is not limited to men's pyjamas, nightdresses and dressing gowns are also becoming more masculine. Besides, Arthur has not invented anything. Our designers have simply brought up to date pieces that have always existed in history and that have been prized for their unequalled comfort.

On the other hand, hanging out at home is currently synonymous with comfortable and perfectly presentable loungewear. Forget about baggy, shapeless pieces. Arthur offers you models that are perfect for entertaining friends or for telecommuting with video conferencing. Of course, our designers offer you a wide range of choices, from T-shirts to shorts and trousers. What are your requirements? Top quality materials? A modern and tight fit? Offbeat and original patterns ? Trendy colours? Comfort at all times ? Arthur takes up the challenge!

Not to mention the accessories

As mentioned above, Arthur accompanies you all year round, in all seasons. Your men's pyjamas will accompany you all night long, while each man's underwear becomes a real second skin.

And in other circumstances, Arthur still has a wide selection of items, including swim shorts for the upcoming warm weather. Needless to say, comfort and safety are at the heart of our expertise? Offering ease and freedom of movement in the water or for your other beach activities, our swim shorts come in an impressive choice of colours and patterns. Discover also our collection of eco-responsible swim shorts, whose material comes from recycled plastic bottles.

And for the interior, what do you need?

  • Socks? Long or invisible?
  • Slippers?
  • Charentaises?

Arthur is here!