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Children's collection

Welcome to Arthur. Discover today a large choice of articles specially designed for your children. Our brand prioritizes the comfort and well-being of children with quality materials and well thought out cuts. Pyjamas, underwear, swimming shorts...Arthur accompanies your little ones all year long.

A child's pyjamas for soft nights

As sleep is a fundamental need for children, Arthur contributes to the quality of their nights with pyjamas specially designed for them.

For girls and boys, our collection of children's pyjamas is distinguished by natural fibres such as organic cotton. Remember that organic cotton is grown without chemicals. Classic cotton is already beneficial because it presents an almost zero risk of allergy, but organic cotton is even more qualitative. And by letting the skin breathe, this material limits irritations and other inconveniences linked to heat and perspiration.

In summer, nothing better than short pyjamas, with a short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts, to guarantee him a good night's sleep. As for our long models, they are more recommended for winter. As a bonus, give your child a robe that is both beautiful and so soft. He also deserves the best for a perfect cocooning moment. The fleece effect of a 100% polyester robe will introduce him to the comfort of cozy indoor clothing.

Quality boxers for children

Arthur doesn't just help you with a dressing gown or children's pyjamas. We also present a collection of underwear, more specifically children's boxers. Just like the men's underwear collection, this one was designed primarily for intimate comfort and well-being, all day long.

We favour organic cotton, a natural fibre with multiple advantages. First of all, its culture is eco-responsible with less environmental impact. Then, its production is solidarity-based, which means that the initial producers make more profit, without necessarily going into debt. Then, the final product is more interesting because the organic cotton is anallergic, flexible and very soft.

Just like the men's boxer, each of Arthur's children's boxers has also been designed for optimum comfort. The fit is both firm and gentle, which is perfect for children who are often very energetic. As an added bonus, every Arthur's boxer brief looks good, either in a solid colour or with the brand's recognisable authentic patterns. Yes, little ones have the right to wear nice underwear too! 

Children's swimming shorts: combine originality and quality

A few moments of relaxation with your family at the water's edge are planned with the return of the warm weather? Find here the ideal children's swimming shorts for your little one. There are shorts for all sizes (up to 16 years) and for all tastes.

Let yourself be seduced by several quality criteria:

  • Ultra-light texture
  • Fast drying
  • Slippered interior for better support.

Arthur, the king of offbeat designs

We advocate quality by defending French manufacturing. In addition, our designers have acquired a certain experience in terms of originality concerning the patterns. We have always wanted to bring a touch of impertinence.

For each pyjama, each pair of swimming shorts or each pair of children's boxer shorts, the collection is distinguished by original, funny and obviously adapted to the youngest:

  • I sleep fast
  • Cruising speed
  • Napper
  • Getting up on the right foot

Discover regularly our new collections to find the pyjamas or the swimming shorts of the moment.