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Women's nightdress

What a pleasure to spend a soft and restful night, in the comfort of an adapted outfit. Because sleep is crucial to the well-being of everyone, Arthur offers women's nightdresses for all body types and tastes. With Arthur, comfort always rhymes with quality. Of course, a pleasant look will also put you in condition for a good night.

Comfortable or sexy look? Don't choose anymore.

Why should you have to choose between comfort and attractiveness in women's nightgowns? Arthur combines both to make your nightwear comfortable without being ugly. We don't want to interfere with your intimate moments. You can say goodbye to baggy, shapeless nightgowns. Sure, it may be comfortable, but comfort doesn't have to be ugly.

Our women's nightdresses enhance your shape. Cut close to the body, they are fitted at the waist without being too tight. The strapless and short-sleeved models are perfect for summer. More irresistible than ever, this type of model ensures you a good night's sleep, well cool.

In winter, opt for long-sleeved nightgowns. With this in mind, discover the grandfather shirt in particular. Its vintage style is more trendy than ever. Available in one size, it can be worn at night or during the day to stroll around the house or when going out for a swim. 

Women's nightdresses: enjoy the most comfortable materials

The visual aspect of a nightdress is one thing, the comfort is another. To guarantee an unequalled comfort, we bet a lot on the choice of the materials used in the manufacture of these night clothes.

So, discover at Arthur's the comfort of a woman's cotton nightdress. And not just any cotton: organic cotton, please! Remember that cotton is one of the most recommended materials for clothes that you wear next to your skin. Soft and supple, it is hypoallergenic and lets the skin breathe. Cotton does not retain perspiration and is easy to care for. Organic cotton has all of these benefits, but as an added bonus, its eco-friendly production makes it one of the most recommended fibres for your clothes.

The production of organic cotton, which is, by the way, our favourite material, has a lower environmental impact. Producers also benefit from more profits, while respecting the earth and the natural renewal of the resources used. In short, our women's nightgowns guarantee you optimal comfort and a clear conscience.

Arthur offers you many good deals

Do you have to spend a lot of money to wear quality women's nightgowns? Not with Arthur. We guarantee you an excellent quality-price ratio.

Let's remember that our articles are French creation, by a brand that has been around for almost 40 years. We started in 1983 and continue to operate proudly thanks to our loyal and very demanding customers. We are continuously improving our techniques as much for the quality as for the appearance of the products.

Do you like good deals? Collect points as you shop. And with your Arthur Loyalty Card, you'll have access to exclusive offers. In addition, returns are completely free within 30 days and delivery is free for purchases over €120. And of course, our customer service is entirely at your disposal.

Don't forget, Arthur is a top-of-the-range French creation with a touch of humour and impertinence, discreet and always elegant.