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Men's nightgown

Arthur makes you rediscover the potential of the men's nightgown, which has been neglected for too long by the male population. Invented in antiquity, this nightwear is unrivalled in terms of comfort. The men's nightdress is available in several styles and Arthur's teams create it with carefully selected materials. Want to take your comfort to the next level? It's time to adopt this little wonder.

Grandfather shirt or maxi tee for you?

The men's nightdress at Arthur's gives gentlemen the option of choosing between a traditional and a more contemporary style.

The grandfather shirt model is inspired by the shirts our ancestors wore in their daily lives. Comfort was the main advantage. After all, our forefathers were mainly involved in physical activities that required optimal comfort. Of course, this principle of comfort has been maintained, but the shirt has been adapted to become a full-fledged nightwear. And we at Arthur are very proud of the result :

  • Perfect length
  • A wide fit without being too loose
  • Great comfort

Already satisfied with classic pyjamas? Then take your comfort to the next level with an Arthur grandfather shirt.

The maxi t-shirt is the other version of our men's nightdress. It has the same cut as the classic t-shirt, but being wider and longer, it offers more comfort. The contact of the 100% cotton is very pleasant on the skin. As a bonus, the great freedom of movement offered by this type of men's nightgown promotes a deep and restful sleep. Your sleep will not be interrupted every time you move in bed. 

An Arthur nightgown for a stylish look

Remember, the Arthur brand has been around since 1983. We have stood the test of time with our traditional know-how. And we have combined it with the innovations of trends and fashion over the years. This is crucial to improve the products because we meet the quality and comfort requirements of a clientele that is becoming more demanding every year.

We always create with this in mind. The choice of colours and patterns for each Arthur men's nightgown proves it. We have kept the vintage spirit of the grandfather shirt with the timeless plaid and the traditional stripes that stand the test of time and adapt to all tastes. Do you want a solid coloured grandfather shirt? A navy blue model would suit you too, wouldn't it?

The maxi T-shirt model also offers a wide choice of colours and patterns. There is something for everyone, from solid colours to a constellation of small patterns and a combination of different tones. In addition to a wide choice of colours and patterns, our designers also offer small, original messages :

  • Breakfast Club
  • Napper
  • Rythme de croisière maxi t-shirt with the look of a sailor's outfit
  • Early retirement
  • Slowly in the morning, not too fast in the evening

In short, beyond our qualitative perfectionism, Arthur has always been stylish!  And note that our men's nightgowns are available in a universal size, compatible with all morphologies.

Enjoy a comfort you have never experienced before with your Arthur men's nightgown. One night in it and you'll wonder why you didn't jump in sooner. Have you been a fan of men's nightdresses for a long time? Arthur gives you a superior experience, with more comfort and more style.