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Do you need quality slippers to keep your feet warm? Welcome to Arthur, the expert in comfort through quality products. We combine tradition and modernity with different models of slippers for men that you will not do without. You will find here slippers to your feet!

From slippers to charentaises, from mules to slippers

You have sensitive feet and want to adopt the men's charentaise for a well being all day long? Wearing them at home will make all the difference because your feet will be warm. Given Arthur's desire to meet all requirements, we offer different types of slippers for men.

Are thick, cocooning slippers a must-have for you? Find your happiness among our beautiful and comfortable models. The charentaise is for you synonymous with comfort? It is also one of our prides with which we celebrate the Made in France. Everything is made according to the rules of the art with the traditional association of the moumoute and the felt.

Discover also our mules, moccasins, slippers and velvet slippers. Arthur even offers a leather version of the essential men's slipper. 

Designs for every taste

If you know a little bit about Arthur, you know that after comfort, which is our priority, appearance is essential for us and for you who have been discovering us or following us for almost 40 years now. We put a lot of heart into it, based on the principle that a man's shoe whose design and colour appeal to the person wearing it is always more pleasant than another.

Thus, the choice of colours, chromatic assemblies and patterns, is an integral part of our creative work. Obviously, it is simply impossible to propose a range of slippers for men without the traditional checks of the charentaises and the plain colours which are unanimously appreciated by many people.

But at the same time, we also present you with a lot of more modern designs, with a little touch of humour here and there. We have chosen the constellation of small motifs on our slippers. You can choose between cable cars, airplanes, Arthur's signature bear Teddy, hearts and kisses, sneakers, etc.

For the mules, why not choose the pair with the inscription "Gros bonnet" with a constellation of cup patterns inside? Or "Après ski" with the matching patterns? Discover also other patterns.

And comfort, of course

Feeling good in your slippers is as important as feeling good in your sneakers. Indeed, the comfort of the feet influences the mood of the day much more than we think. For this reason, our designers have made it a point of honour to ensure the comfort of each men's shoe that we offer.

With 50% cotton and 50% foam on the slippers, you can be sure that you are literally walking on clouds. For the charentaises, we obviously pay homage to the traditions of these felt slippers from the Charente region. With a soft fleece interior that pampers your feet, these models are among the most comfortable in the men's slipper range. In any case, our charentaises are made in France, an additional guarantee of quality.

Our teams have tested many designs before adopting the best one, the one that allows you to move more or less quickly, without losing the shoe. What an inconvenience to have to turn back because the shoe has not kept up with the pace? In addition, the sole is non-slip, a detail that is very important. In short, trying an Arthur men's shoe is a sure way to adopt it!