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Arthur men's boxer shorts for unparalleled comfort

The American and Frenchboxer shorts may be stylish and trendy, but they won't pass without the comfort. As the boxer shorts will be worn as a second skin all day long, we are we are particularly committed to offering optimal comfort by focusing on the choice of materials. on the choice of materials. The use of organic cotton is therefore an obvious choice. This natural fibre from organic farming is soft, supple and soft and anti-allergic. Pleasant and fresh, it lets the skin breathe skin to breathe at all times.

In addition, our men's briefs have anti-friction protection techniques on the buttocks. The elasticated waistbands are designed to ensure a good fit around the hip, without tightening or digging into the skin. On the American models, the slip-on interior adds support and allows comfortable and secure fit in all circumstances. Indeed, for everyday use or for more intense activities (physical work, sports activities, etc.), extra support is always welcome. Summer or winter, your Arthur men's boxer shorts will accompany you in all your activities by offering perfect comfort while being forgotten.


Founded in 1983, the Arthur brand arrived with its boxer shorts on a French market dominated by briefs. This boldness then became, over time, a real a real trademark. Whether you choose Le Club or Le French, your men's boxer shorts will stand out from anything you've been used to wear until now.

Dare to think outside the box with original colours and patterns. Of course, the purchase of boxer shorts is primarily guided by their comfort, their cut and quality of the material, but this essential item also reveals the wearer’s personality of the wearer. And because we can indulge our fantasies withAnd because we can allow ourselves all kinds of fantasies with men's pants, Arthur allows to be cheeky, sometimes unusual and always original.

And that's just a small sample of the designs available. Of course, boldness does not exclude more classic designs. Our designers are well aware of the timeless popularity of stripes, checks and polka dots. However, an original touch in colour combinations, patterns or material texture, always reminds us of our signature. 


The Club is a pair of men's boxer shorts with a so-called American cut. This means that they have a V-shaped back panel that supports the buttocks without disturbing the groove between the buttocks. The comfort is optimal and the ease is unmatched. Available in a wide range of 100% cotton dyed weaves, this model has a very discreet inner pocket for extra support.

As the name suggests, the French is cut is the French style with side seams and a unique yoke at the front and back. Made from organic cotton with a touch of lycra, this range offers superior comfort and freedom of movement.

In any case, whatever your preference, your Arthur men's boxer shorts will not have the central back seam, the one that goes into the buttocks.


Because we are committed to providing you with a customer experience that matches the quality of our products, Arthur has some great plans. On some models, the fourth pair is free with the purchase of three pairs of boxer shorts. Then, if you fall in love with a pair of men's boxers on sale, you can save up to 50% off the original price.

Also, note that returns are free for up to 30 days and delivery is free for purchases over €120. If you like to touch and see the products before buying, visit one of our physical shops, located in many French cities.