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The Arthur Men's Boxer

Solid coloured boxers or patterned boxers? You ask this kind of question for yourself, but also with a view to when someone will be intimate enough to discover this piece that you don't show to everyone, but yet choose carefully. When that time comes, your men's boxer shorts had better be the "something extra" that tips the scales in your favour.  And Arthur works hard for that! We guarantee comfort and freedom of movement in your boxer shorts, a real second skin.

Men's boxers, the perfect compromise between briefs and boxer shorts

There are three schools of thought when it comes to men's underwear: those who like briefs for their perfect fit, those who prefer boxer shorts for the freedom they offer and finally, those who have adopted the ideal alternative: boxers.

62% of French people prefer boxers that are as tight as briefs and as long as boxer shorts. They become a second skin that is easily forgotten, even under tight-fitting trousers. With men's boxer shorts, you can forget about visible folds on the outside. In any case, at Arthur's we make it a point of honour to pamper your precious package as well as possible. We have chosen the best materials that offer softness, comfort and perfect flexibility.

In addition to everyday wear, you can also wear Arthur men's boxers for your sports sessions. This way, you won't let any part of your anatomy escape when your legs are a little too far apart.

In any case, for your most intimate comfort, we offer the stretch cotton Boxer and microfiber Boxer. Stretch cotton offers an unmatched comfort and a high quality of printing on a wide choice of colours. We also prioritise organic cotton, a material that is ideal for you and is more environmentally friendly to grow. As for microfibre, it is very light and very soft. It envelops you delicately while the support remains optimal.

As far as the fit is concerned, your men's boxes will have no centre seam that goes into the buttocks. It will have a V-shaped front yoke, which forms a comfortable pocket for your sensitive parts. The back of the boxer shorts is made of one piece, with no cut-outs and therefore no seams. 

Comfort yes, but also originality

In addition to comfort and support, there is one important detail : originality ! Arthur is unlike any other brand in this aspect. We entered the underwear market in 1983 and over time we had to adapt to changing fashions, changing consumer expectations and, above all, we had to stand out from the increasingly tough competition. This is how our originality was born.

Our designs are trendy, modern and unique :

  • Small multicoloured beanies with pomponm ball
  • Little bears representing both softness and strength (right?)
  • Half-full glasses of cognac
  • Smiley faces in a good mood
  • Etc.

The small constellation patterns on the men's boxer shorts are very modern, but you will also find larger patterns. These are actually high definition photos printed on the underwear. And there's something for everyone: Wall Street, sports cars, horseriding, pool balls, golf shoes and balls, the dashboard of a sports car, the British Royal Guard, etc.

In addition, our designers add a touch of originality to the plain coloured models. The flexible waistband has a few original, fine and regular patterns. Do you like classic styles? Don't worry, you can also wear classic plaid and other basic patterns.  

Beware of boxers that are too tight

Boxers should be worn close to the body, but don't choose them too tightly. Arthur's boxer shorts, which range from S to XL, can be worn in your usual size. Given the delicacy of the area concerned, the choice of boxer shorts is a matter of comfort, but also of human survival. Yes, gentlemen, your chances of procreation are at stake. Avoid over-tightening your testicles so that they don't permanently overheated. Your soldiers would pay the price !

One last important point : despite the comfort of a man's boxer shorts during the day, they are more suitable at night to let everything breathe. And Arthur has got it covered. Our boxers are also available in a wide range of original and modern colours and patterns. You can choose between the Le Club collection (American cut boxers) and Le Français.